Mission Statement:   “The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators is an organization that promotes and encourages the highest standards of professionalism among licensed private investigators through information, education, training, legislative action, membership support and networking.”


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Membership Benefits Committee:

Board Liaison:  Catherine Torrez, TCI

Mentoring Committee:

Chairperson:  Gil Torrez     

Speaker Committee:

Carla Hunt, Executive Director

Conference Committee:

Carla Hunt, Executive Director


Vendors Committee:

Carla Hunt, Executive Director

Ad Sales Committee:

Chairperson:  Ivan Vikin

Commendations Committee:

Chairperson:  Connie Briggs     

New Members Committee:

Chairpersons:  Martin and Barbara Renteria
Board Liaison:  Brad Smith, TCI
Member:  Shelly Scheibe, TCI

Unlicensed Activity Committee:

Board Liaison:  Billy Meeks     
Board Liaison:  M. Randall Hicks
Member:  Nancy McReynolds

Legislative Committee:

Chairperson:  Randy Kildow, TCI
Board Liaison:  Claude Bookout, TCI
Member:  Wes Bearden, TCI

TCI Committee:

Chairperson:  Kevin Pipkins, TCI
Board Liaison:  Fidel Garcia, TCI


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