Commendations Chair:

Brian Davidson: [email protected]

Director of Education and Training:

Carla Edwards: [email protected]

Elections Chair:

Milton Bertolio: [email protected] 

Legislative Chair:

Randy Kildow: [email protected]
Michael Depew (Board Liaison/Co-Chair):  [email protected]

Membership Assessment Officers:

Barbara Renteria     [email protected]
Martin Renteria        [email protected]


Social Media Chair:

Connie Vogler  [email protected]

Sponsor and Vendor Chair:

Catherine Torrez   [email protected]

TALI Photographer:

Gil Torrez  [email protected] 

TBCI Program Chair:

Kimberly Bates, TBCI    [email protected]

The Texas Investigator Magazine Editor:

Ivan Vikin  [email protected]

Unlicensed Activity Chair:

Michael Depew  [email protected]

2022 Midwinter Seminar Chairs

Donna Bennett: [email protected]
Bob Washington: [email protected]

Michael Escalante: [email protected]

2022 Annual Conference/ 50th Anniversary Celebration Chair:

Catherine Torrez, TBCI      [email protected]

  • Board of Directors Liaison:  Bob Washington
  • Training and Education Chair:  Manny Reyes
  • Vendor/Sponsor Representative: 
  • Vendor/Sponsor Representative:
  • Member Representative:  Kelly Riddle, TBCI
  • Member Representative:  Kimberly Deras
  • Member Representative:  Carol Tharp, TBCI
  • Member Representative:  George Bray
  • Member Representative:  Tammy Aston