Mission Statement:   “The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators is an organization that promotes and encourages the highest standards of professionalism among licensed private investigators through information, education, training, legislative action, membership support and networking.”


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Commendations Chair:

William Ferguson  [email protected]

2020 Conference Chair:


  • Board of Directors Liaison:  TBA
  • Training and Education Chair:  Sergio Dominguez
  • Vendor/Sponsor Representative:  TBA
  • Sponsor and Vendor Chair:  Catherine Torrez

Director of Education and Training:

Sergio Dominguez   [email protected]

Elections Chair:

Doug Crumly, TBCI   [email protected]

  • Liaison:  TBD
  • Member Representative:  Craig Burrus
  • Member Representative:  Brian Ingram
  • Member Representative:  J.R. Skaggs, TBCI

Legislative Chair:

M. Randall Hicks   [email protected]

Membership Assessment Officers:

Barbara Renteria     [email protected]
Martin Renteria        [email protected]

Regional Deputy Directors:

Region 1 Dallas:                David Shafer
Region 2 Fort Worth: Karl Snow
Region 3 Houston: TBA
Region 4 Austin: Kenton Stephens

Region 4 Corpus Christi: Lydia Orta
Region 4 Laredo: TBA
Region 4 San Antonio: Duane Collins

Secretary and Treasurer:

Kimberly Bates, TBCI     [email protected]

Social Media Chair:

Dorothy Haraminac    [email protected]

Sponsor and Vendor Chair:

Catherine Torrez   [email protected]

TALI Photographer:

Kenton Stephens  [email protected]

TBCI Program Chair:

Kimberly Bates, TBCI    [email protected]

The Texas Investigator Magazine Editor:

Dorothy Haraminac   [email protected] 

Unlicensed Activity Chair:

Mark Carroll   [email protected]

2020 Midwinter Seminar Chairs :

North Texas:  Mark Carroll

Central Texas:  Randall Hicks


2020 Annual Conference Chair:



2021 Midwinter Seminar Chairs:



2021 Annual Conference/ 50th Anniversary Celebration Chair:


Catherine Torrez, TBCI      [email protected]

  • Board of Directors Liaison:  Bob Washington
  • Training and Education Chair:  Manny Reyes
  • Vendor/Sponsor Representative: 
  • Vendor/Sponsor Representative:
  • Member Representative:  Kelly Riddle, TBCI
  • Member Representative:  Kimberly Deras
  • Member Representative:  Carol Tharp, TBCI