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Member Benefits

Corporate Benefits Include:

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  1. Access to TALI online distance learning courses. Click here for additional information.
  2. Magazine: A subscription to the industry leading publication by TALI, “The Texas Investigator”
  3. Business Support: TALI members get access to free business development tools like marketing tools, business forms and more.
  4. Tools for Marketing: Your clients understand your commitment to professionalism, training and your industry by being a part of the leading PI Association that is an added marketing tool for your business. You also get tips on how and where to market your services.
  5. Legislative Support: You receive support and a strong voice in government through our legislative committee that monitors and helps fight legislation that is adverse to you and our industry. Through our lobbyist and this committee, we monitored approximately 90 bills in the last session that would have closed access to records or had other harmful effects on our members.
  6. Unlicensed Activity Monitoring: The unlicensed PI committee helps identify and stop those individuals and companies operating unlicensed and unregulated. This assists our members in providing a fair competitive field in which to operate. In the past two years this committee has identified approximately 75 unlicensed PI’s and worked with the Private Security Board to resolve this issue.
  7. Conventions: Discounted registration to our annual conferences and midwinter seminars each year where you not only have access to industry leading seminars, vendors and training but also a tremendous opportunity to network with others within the industry.
  8. Advertising Assistance: As a member you will receive a listing in the "Locate an Investigator" section of the TALI web site, which is one of the top three most visited pages on our website.
  9. Certificate of Membership to display demonstrating your commitment to the industry, continuing education and professionalism.
  10. Regional Meetings: Our regional meetings each month allow members to network, trade useful information and obtain continuing education credits. Check the TALI Calendar for schedule.
  11. TBCI: As a member, you have the opportunity to complete the Texas Board Certified Investigator (TBCI) training and become part of a prestigious group. The TBCI designation is further proof of your professionalism within our industry.
  12. On-line Group Access: As a member you gain access to the TALI Online Yahoo Group where you can quickly obtain help, information and resources from fellow members who share their extensive experience and tips.
  13. Member Spotlight: Obtain the opportunity to be sponsored in our Member Spotlight email to our membership as well as having your biography and information posted on the TALI website.
  14. Internet Exposure: As a member, you get to take advantage of the marketing efforts of TALI and be benefited from this exposure.