Hard-Core Computer-Aided Investigation, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

and Digital Officer Safety

October 19th, 2018   (Friday)
8am – 5pm

8 hours of Continuing Education

(approved by DPS for PIs and security; approved by NASBA)
             (may also be eligible for TCOLE credit)

Hyatt Place San Antonio Airport (Quarry Market)

7615 Jones Maltsberger Road
San Antonio, Texas, 78216

Registration Fee is $159.00 (includes lunch and free parking)

$50.00 discount for TALI and FOI Members 

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Seminar - Learning Objectives and Executive Summary:  Attendees will be introduced to critical sources and methods for gathering and using PII (Personally Identifiable Information), SPI (Sensitive Personal Information) and subjects’ biographical data; will learn how to obtain and use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT); will receive hands-on instruction in cyber-investigative methods; and will receive instruction in digital counter-surveillance, including “Social Networking Best Practices” and “Digital Officer Safety”.  This is an introductory (basic) course. No prior training or experience is necessary to attend this event. Upon completion of this course, attendees can expect to have achieved an understanding of how to use proprietary and Open Source data to support an investigative, auditing, compliance or security function and how to protect themselves, their organization and their activities and maintain OPSEC (Operations Security).  Persons successfully completing all seminar requirements will earn 8.0 CE hours. (Coding for CPEs: 5 CPEs will be earned in “Specialized Knowledge and Applications”, 1 CPE in “Regulatory Ethics”, and 2 CPEs in “Administrative Practice”). A Certificate of Completion will be provided.  This will be a live (“Group-Live”), hands-on seminar. Attendees are encouraged to bring active files and subject / target information for processing.

This seminar is not open to the general public.  Admission is at the sole discretion of the event coordinators and the presenters.  Attendees will be required to show identification prior to entry to the event. Space is limited to 40 attendees.

Seminar Overview - General:  Numerous entities have put into practice operations that shred privacy and facilitate the gathering and warehousing of personal, relationship and communications data. Once unimaginable surveillance technologies are being perfected and implemented. The most intimate details of personal lives are routinely and unthinkingly self-contributed and surrendered to data-gatherers.  Self-contributed personal information gathered by private entities - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Acxiom, et al - far exceeds information in governmental databases in both size and scope. Finances, sexual orientation, religion, politics, habits, hobbies, friends and family are gathered, indexed and analyzed.  Physical locations and activities are known, and past locations and activities are logged. If a subject attended a house of worship, or a demonstration, or visited an abortion clinic or a known criminal activity location or met with a targeted person, it was likely digitally documented.  Verified logins, cell phones and apps, Skyhook and known WiFi nodes, VOIP, Google Voice and Skype, facial recognition, camera analytics, license plate readers and advances in biometrics allow anyone to be deanonymized and remotely observed.  Forensic linguistics, browser and machine fingerprinting and backdoors further eliminate the possibility of anonymous Internet activity.  Thanks to "The Internet of Things", your thermostat and electric meter report when you arrive home and your garbage can reports when you throw out evidence to be collected. Your baby’s diaper tweets and your sexual activity is blogged by your wristband.  Data and "PII" (Personal Identifying Information) collection now begins at birth. No data gathered will ever be thrown away, and none of the data gathered belongs to you or is under your control. "Predictive profiling" knows what you will do and where you will go in the future, even if you don't.  Combining Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) with selected public records and proprietary databases allows a capable investigative or security professional to quickly, comprehensively and covertly compile a comprehensive dossier on any subject, witness or target.

ADDITIONAL SEMINAR COMPONENTS:  This seminar will discuss and demonstrate methods of merging proprietary online databases with public records, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and free sources, to support "skip trace", background, character, due diligence, criminal, civil and asset-location investigations, and will include a review of proper case intake, to facilitate effective OSINT activity. Attendees are encouraged to submit active files for processing at least one (1) week before the event.  This seminar will also include an "ethical investigating" component (1.0 hour/CE), including discussion of laws governing data access (ex. FCRA, DPPA, GLB) and use of OSINT methods (e.g. adherence to bar association no-contact rules, restraining orders, etc.).  This seminar, time permitting, will also include introductory instruction in tracing e-mail addresses, domain names (URLs) and IP addresses to owners / users and physical locations.

"Digital Officer Safety”:  This seminar will include "Digital Officer Safety" and "Social Networking Best Practices" components. The purpose of these counter-intelligence (CI) segments is to provide awareness and digital self- defense training to investigative and other professionals who might be targeted online by criminals.  "Digital Officer Safety" is a critical concern, as radicals and criminals routinely use the Internet, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and public records to target law enforcement and other investigative professionals. “Doxing”, “Dorking”, “crowd-sourced investigation”, facial recognition, public “people finder” databases, “Google-Fu” and other open source tools and methods are used by persons with criminal intent to obtain investigative and law enforcement professionals’ home addresses, spouses’ and children’s names, photos, license plates and countless other types of sensitive information. Today, any interested person with bad intent can build a dossier on a target in a matter of minutes. Information gathered online by criminals and radicals can be later used to impede and terrorize, and even to facilitate direct or indirect physical attacks (ex. “SWAT-ing”) on Investigators and law enforcement at their work, in the field and in their homes.  Eric Garner’s wife tweeted the home addresses of NYPD officers involved in her husband’s arrest. Occupy Wall Street used facial recognition technology and crowdsourcing to identify arresting officers and their family members. Daesh and other terrorist groups routinely post personal information of deployed members of the military with a suggestion that they be attacked.  The "Digital Officer Safety" and "Social Networking Best Practices" components of this seminar will provide attendees with basic awareness and tools necessary to mitigate digital threats.



PRINCIPAL INSTRUCTOR:  Steven Rambam is the founder and CEO of Pallorium, Inc., a licensed Investigative agency and security services provider. Since 1981, Pallorium's investigators have successfully closed more than 10,000 cases worldwide, ranging from homicide and death claim investigations to missing person cases to the investigation of various types of sophisticated financial and insurance frauds.  Steven is also the host of a reality network television show and a weekly radio show.  Steven Rambam has lectured on topics ranging from "the location of missing persons", to "the criminal use of false identification", to "foreign investigations", to "war crimes and the pursuit of war criminals". Steven's keynote lectures, "Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It" and "International Investigations", have received worldwide recognition including a "Speaker of the Year" award.  Steven is a recognized SME on the topics of “Computer-Aided Investigation”, “Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)” and “Digital Officer Safety” and he provides regular instruction on these topics to private and governmental agencies.  Steven holds the "CFE" board certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner, the "CPP", "PSP" and "PCI" board certifications from ASIS International, the "CSAR" certification from the International Association of Asset Recovery Specialists and the "CFCS" certification from the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.  Steven is a member of FOI (Founding Member), WAD (Life Member), NAIS (Life Member), ION, AIIP, NCISS (National Board Member), BOMP (Founding Member), COIN, IJI, IOA, TALI, FALI, ACFE, ASIS, ACFCS, IWWA, ALDONYS (Board Member and Regional Director), SPI (former VP and Board Member) and other investigative, law enforcement and security associations.  For more information and contact details: www.pallorium.com and www.stevenrambam.com.



Steven Rambam,
CFE, CPP, PSP, PCI, CSAR, CFCS, BCIP (Cand.) 212-969-0286 : 
[email protected][email protected]

M. Randall Hicks
TALI Region 4 Director 361-866-8008 :  
[email protected]

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Suggested Attire:  Business Casual recommended.