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Process Server Continuing Education
Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT
Category: Training

TALI 8 hr CE training “2021 Maximizing Server Effectiveness” – Course for Civil Process Servers Continuing Education with Dan Brouilette

via Zoom (Registration link & password will be emailed after registering @ www.TALI.org)

Course Cost - $150 8 hr CE Certificate offered for Civil Process Continuing Education and also approved for 8 hr CE for TX Private Investigator Continuing Education through the TALI School.

April 13, 2021 @ 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Dan Brouillette 


Dan Brouillette began his process serving career in 1996 after a 14-year career in the USAF as a Security Police Instructor serving in a wide variety of assignments involving junior/mid-level management in the U.S., Europe, Middle East & South America and a brief stint as a legal courier in the San Antonio market. Dan is the owner of Xpress Process LLC in San Antonio, TX and has served thousands of documents over his 24-year career. Since being called into the process server industry, Dan has excelled at learning all he could regarding the business of process serving and then giving it back to the community. Beginning in 2008, he has been the TPSA Training Director teaching over 6,900 students under the Texas Statewide Certification Program.


Course Description:


Impact on the Judicial Process
The judicial process is explained from filing a petition, to the process server receiving and attempting to execute the document, thru what happens after a Judgement is granted. The goal of this class is to emphasize the positive or negative impact a process server’s work can have on a case as it progresses. We will explain the costs & consequences to the plaintiff, defendant or the process server resulting from any oversights or errors made during the case progression, as well on how to avoid pitfalls that could harm the Defendant or Plaintiff.

Types of Service Documents
This seminar is designed to show the server the differing documents they may be called upon to deliver during their career. We will explain the purpose of the varying service documents used throughout the Justice, County, District & Federal systems; breakdown the time limits for service of those documents; and when they should be filed back with the court when required.

What to Know Before You Go
Preparation is key to creating a professional and positive experience for the process server before beginning the steps of making attempts to deliver legal documents. This class focuses on the appropriate equipment, tools, organization and research that will ensure the process server is prepared and well informed prior to stepping into the field.

Safety First!
We will be presenting practical information regarding safety for process servers. A discussion regarding tools and equipment to increase safety; how a server can perform a Risk Assessment; the buddy system; and an overview of Erin’s List as it relates to utilizing the database and participating in the program.

Maximize Your Time & Attempts
As a process server it is important to be as efficient and effective as possible. This class will focus on the elements involved in creating a successful initial attempt. Covering such topics as first impressions, attention to details and surroundings when on location. What are important things to note? How making assumptions can cost you time and prevent you from successfully delivering the document.

Communication Counts
As process servers we encounter all personality types. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are essential. This seminar covers topics on personality types; how to pose questions to obtain a positive response; how to engage in a conversation without sounding demanding or threatening; and how to read body language to help the server gain the information needed for successful completion of delivery or proving diligence.

Fight or Flight (De-Escalation)
What to do when a person begins to escalate. We are a stranger walking up to someone's door and we're not normally bringing good news. This course focuses on techniques used to de-escalate a situation when someone becomes agitated or threatening. During this session we will discuss and demonstrate how to avoid conflicts, physical confrontation, injury or arrest. This course will also field questions from the audience regarding trends or problems they are experiencing.

Mechanics of Diligence
This seminar is designed to help create good habits in what is needed to prove the diligence you performed will be valid should it ever be challenged in court, whether the serve is successful or not. In this course we will cover what diligence looks like and its importance; what the law requires to prove up service; customer expectations regarding diligence; and how to document the diligence you performed.

Attendees must agree to the following:

  • Must have a video camera active during seminar to have your face framed up except during breaks as this is being recorded for JBCC audit purposes.  If you fail to have your face presented LIVE, then you will not be able to receive a certificate. 
  • Answer Poll Questions in Zoom
  • Photo must be sent in advance to [email protected] for comparison to those attending on Zoom. 

Put their TX PI License number in the Last Name box along with your last name (if you desire to get PSB CEs as well).  Example:  First name box I would enter “Catherine”.  Last Name Box

Cost:  $150

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