TCI Program

The Texas Certified Investigator (TCI) is the premier designation of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. Those investigators that are successful in achieving this prestigious designation demonstrate their high level of expertise and competence in a wide variety of investigative skills. To begin the application process, the candidate has to have a minimum of four (4) years experience as a private investigator and has to have at least five (5) years experience before actually sitting for the test. The candidate must be a Member in good standing with TALI.

TCI Application and Testing

After meeting the qualifications for TCI, the candidate must make application.

  1. Upon approval of the application, the TCI candidate will be required to sit for a written examination.
  2. Once successful completion of the exam is accomplished, the candidate will be presented a mock investigation by the TCI testing committee. The candidate will conduct interviews and investigation before presenting their findings to the TCI testing committee.
  3. After completing the oral examination, the candidate is required to produce a white paper. The topic and outlined is first approved by the TCI testing committee.

Successful completion of the qualifications, application, testing and white paper process enables the candidate to enjoy the privileges afforded a TCI. If considering pursuing the TCI designation, please contact the Committee Chair, Kevin Pipkins via email ([email protected]) or at 713.682.1133.