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Hudgins-Sallee Award

Past recipients of the prestigious
Hudgins-Sallee Award are:

2016 Wes Bearden, TBCI
2015 Ed Martin, TBCI, CFE
2014 John Feighery, TBCI
2013 Kelly Riddle, TBCI
2012 Randy Kildow, TBCI
2011 Macklyn Smith, TBCI
2010 James Bearden, TBCI
2009 Paul Hulsey, TBCI
2008 Brad Bacom, TBCI
2007 Rob Smith, TBCI
2006 Brack Warren
2005 George Cervantes, CLI, CII
2004 Carol Tharp, TBCI
2003 Karen Hewitt, TBCI
2002 Rob Smith, TBCI
2001 Ken DeFoor
2000 Patti James, CLI, TBCI
1999 Edie Lee, TBCI
1998 John Chism
1997 Naomi Wilson
1996 Brian Tynes

The Hudgins-Sallee Award was first established by TALI on October 27, 1995. This is the most distinguished, honorable and noble award that can be presented to a Member of TALI by their peers. This award was established in remembrance of two outstanding deceased TALI members — Virginia Hudgins and David Sallee. Virginia and David passed away within one month of each other in 1995. They both devoted over 20 years of their lives to TALI and both were Honorary Lifetime Members for their years of dedication, service and devotion to TALI. They both served on the TALI Board of Directors and numerous committees.

TALI is what it is today because of the efforts, devotion and contributions made by members like Virginia and David. Therefore, the Hudgins-Sallee Award was established in their memory to exemplify the high moral and ethical standards by which a professional licensed private investigator adheres to in his/her services to the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. The title was changed to the Investigator of the Year Award in 2017. Recognizing the value of service to the association distinct and separate from excellence in field work, the title was returned to Hudgins-Sallee Award in 2021.

Hudgins-Sallee Award Criteria

Judging will be based on achievements and contributions made during the past or current year using the following criteria:

  • Teaching for the TALI region meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Providing training articles for The Texas Investigator (TTI) magazine or other industry magazines
  • Providing guidance and mentoring to new TALI family investigators
  • Participation in TALI leadership by service in various committees or the TALI Board
  • Legislative efforts in behalf of the TALI membership and professional PI industry
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