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Big 3

TALI is proud to be part of the “Big 3” partnership which started in 2013 when the presidents of CALI, FALI and TALI came together to offer their memberships an incredible benefit. Every member within each association could join the other two associations, as out-of-state members, for half of the standard dues. This gave every Big 3 member access to a network of over 3,000 private investigators and agencies with which to do business. Since that time the partnership has flourished as members have taken advantage of the benefit.

What will this partnership enable you to do, besides save money?


  • Increase Your Network – Let’s face it, size matters when it comes to increasing your potential business or employment opportunities. You can network among a few or you can cast a wide net to gain valuable exposure to thousands.
  • Obtain New Clients - Many of us have clients that need services in California and/or Florida from time to time. Now you have more resources to assist those clients locally who are TALI members.
  • Provide New Services - Expanding your network can also mean expanding your services and exploring additional revenue streams.
  • Expand Your Footprint - By cultivating relationships/partnerships with local investigators in these states you can focus on growing your business opportunities.

Unmatched support and revenue opportunities

  • Legislative and regulatory support - CALI, FALI and TALI have all been around for decades and are no stranger to the legislative process. Board members attend all regulatory meetings and legislative sessions are consistently monitored. The goal of each of these associations has always been the same-- protect our membership and their interests.
  • Lead generation - After the homepage our search features for locating an investigator are the most used on the website. It does not matter if it is a local business, attorney or private citizen seeking an investigator, many turn to us as the first stop in the internet for locating a investigator. Additionally, each association website and private listserv is also a great way for other members to communicate with and locate someone to help with that new case.
  • Administrators - Each association has their own administrator who can assist you with membership questions, local laws and regulatory information. When you need to speak to someone who knows about the investigative business and state regulations, you can contact the administrator via phone or e-mail. (see contact information below)
  • Recognition - As a member of the oldest, and largest statewide PI associations you are among your professional peers in every state.


Already a member of CALI or FALI?

To join online as a TALI Big 3 Member, click HERE

To download an application to mail, or email, click HERE


Click HERE to Join CALI as a Big 3 Member
for FALI and TALI members only


Click HERE to Join FALI as a Big 3 Member
for CALI and TALI members only

Things to Remember:

  • One of the associations must be your "home" association to which you pay regular dues.
  • You must join each association individually based on their requirements.
  • Renewals are also by association.
  • Online registration is the easiest way to join but if you prefer to mail an application, the addresses are below. Please mail a copy to each association individually.
  • You must mail the application to the association(s) you have selected below.

California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)

65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
T: (800) 350-CALI
F: (949) 502-0450

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)

PO Box 2896
Dunedin, FL 34697
T: (888) 845-3254
T: (727) 373-8028

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI)

5014 FM 1500
Paris, TX 75460
T: (877) 605-7055

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