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About Us

With hundreds of members worldwide, TALI is dedicated to raising professionalism in the field of private investigations through continuing education, public awareness, advanced certification, networking, and legislative involvement. Our members are proud to cover the 254 counties and 261,797 square miles that make up the great State of Texas.

While many people often think of an association as a place to get continuing education and training, today’s TALI is much, much more. While our conferences, seminars, and online learning courses are steadily praised as setting the bar, TALI is establishing a new level of professional association.

If you are a member, welcome back, and thank you for your support. If you are considering joining, we are excited about having you join the ranks of professional investigators that make up TALI.

We encourage anyone seeking a qualified and professional investigator to contact a TALI member. Membership in TALI is an added assurance that you are dealing with someone properly licensed and who understands the value of being a part of their state association.

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators: THE Texas association for professional licensed investigators

Top Ten benefits of TALI membership: A few of the many reasons why TALI is leading the way.

  1. TALI Members have exclusive access to knowledge, experience and referrals of the TALI Membership with the TALIonline ListServ.
  2. TALI Members have access to training and networking through Seminars, Conferences and monthly Regional Meetings which is unsurpassed in Texas. This allows TALI Members to be better prepared in all levels of business and provides an avenue for effective networking, experience and knowledge of the membership. TALI Members receive discounted rates for Seminars & Conferences free CE at Regional Meetings.
  3. TALI offers diligent, year round Legislative monitoring of issues which affect our industry by our longtime Lobbyist and our experienced Legislative Committee.
  4. TALI provides association with a synergistic group of investigative professionals. The effect of a collection of professionals is much greater than one person.
  5. TALI Members have access to TALI Long Distance Learning, online learning courses which provide Tx DPS PSB approved Continuing Education.
  6. TALI Members are eligible to qualify for and earn the prestigious Texas Certified Investigator (TCI) Expert Certification.
  7. provides an easy to use, interactive Association Management based website. The online searchable TALI Member Directory provides the public with a reliable source for their investigative needs.
  8. TALI Members have access to exclusive Membership Benefits & Discount opportunities from a multitude of vendors and providers.
  9. TALI Members have the opportunity to join the Big Three Association of the nation's premier state associations: TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators), FALI (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators) and CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators).
  10. TALI Members have access to the active online TALI Calendar to keep up to date.


Mission Statement and Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

“The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators is an organization that promotes and encourages the highest standards of professionalism among licensed private investigators through information, education, training, legislative action, membership support and networking.”

Code of Ethics

All members of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators will subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:

  • To be professional and to demonstrate integrity and honesty as an investigator and as a member of TALI.
  • To give each client a full explanation of the work to be performed, rates to be charged and reports to be rendered.
  • To preserve as confidential all information received in an investigation unless directed otherwise by the client or unless under specific order or legal authority.
  • To conduct all aspects of investigation within the bounds of legal, moral and professional ethics.
  • To apprise clients against any illegal or unethical activities and to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental agencies, as required by law.
  • To constantly strive for improvements as a professional, to respect the rights of others and to insure the same from and to one's employees and subcontractors.
  • To loyally support TALI, its aims, purposes and policies as long as one remains a member.

TALI and NCISS Location Position

adopted October 29, 2008
by the TALI Board of Directors

“A member shall, prior to providing a client any personally identifying or location information of an individual, conduct appropriate due diligence to ensure that the client has a legitimate business or legal interest in obtaining that information. When such due diligence is not possible or appropriate, or if the client appears to not have a legal or business interest, the client shall be informed that their contact information will be provided to the person they are seeking and the personal identifying information of the person they are seeking will only be provided to the client if that party consents.”

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