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Investigator of the Year Award

Past recipients of the prestigious
Investigator of the Year Award are:

2020 Ron Potts
2019 Randy Kildow, TBCI
2018 Peggy Walla
2017 Mark W. Stephens

The Investigator of the Year Award was created in 2021 in recognition of the significant value in the efforts of Private Investigators in the field and the impact these investigations have in the lives of their clients. The Investigator of the Year award celebrates those investigators for their contributions to the profession and the difference they make in the greater Texas community.

Investigator of Year Award Criteria

Judging will be based on achievements and contributions made during the past or current year using the following criteria:

  • Teaching for the TALI region meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Providing training articles for The Texas Investigator (TTI) magazine or other industry magazines
  • Providing guidance and mentoring to new TALI family investigators
  • Participation in TALI leadership by service in various committees or the TALI Board
  • Legislative efforts in behalf of the TALI membership and professional PI industry
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