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Lifetime Achievement Award



The TALI Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and contributions to the field of private investigations in Texas.

Recipients of the TALI Lifetime Achievement Award are esteemed members of the investigative profession who have significantly impacted the industry through their exemplary work, innovative approaches, and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards. they may have pioneered new techniques, mentored aspiring investigators, advocated for industry regulations, or made significant contributions to advancing the field's knowledge and capabilities.

The award itself is a symbol of recognition and appreciation from TALI and the investigative community in Texas, presented at the TALI Annual Conference. Beyond it's tangible representation, the award signifies the recipient's lasting legacy and serves as an inspiration to current and future generations of investigators striving for excellence in their profession.

Created in 2024, the Lifetime Achievement Award is not an annual award and is not intended to be awarded every year. It is an honor bestowed on those individuals who have made their contributions over an extended period of time.

Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria

The Lifetime Achievement Award is conferred at the discretion of the Board of Directors who will consider longevity in the association, impact on the industry, innovation in the field, leadership in and service to TALI, and their overall contribution to private investigation.

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