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As the heartbeat of TALI, your voice matters.  Whether you're a longstanding member or a recent addition to our vibrant network, your engagement in our democratic process is pivotal.

This digital space provides all you need to know about the upcoming elections. From candidate profiles to voting procedures, we provide transparent and accessible information to ensure every member can make informed decisions.

Together, we uphold the values that unite us and drive our collective vision forward.

2024 Positions & Nominations

Position 1 - Director of Region 1

  • Graciela Rubio

Position 4 - Director of Region 4

  • Samantha Santiago

Position 5 - Director of Region 5

Position 6 - At Large Director

  • Michelle Mondo

Position 10 - At Large Director and President-Elect

  • Michael Thompson, TBCI


The minimum qualifications for members of the Board of Directors shall be one (1) complete year of active membership in TALI. Only one active member registered or licensed under a single license number issued by the agency regulating private investigators in the State of Texas may hold office on the TALI Board of Directors at a time. Continued membership in good standing is required for the continuance of an officer or director.

How to Nominate

Included Information: 

Company Name
DPS License Number

Deadline: Friday, July 26, 2024



Mail: Trailblazer Investigations
4400 Buffalo Gap Rd, Ste 0475
Abilene, TX 79606



Dates: August 20 - October 4, 2024

Eligibility: Active and Lifetime members in good standing

Ballots: Voting will be conducted electronically through Election Buddy.  Eligible members will need to ensure their cell phone is up-to-date in their profile.

Elections Committee

  • TALI Secretary: Caroline Gear, Klein Investigations & Consulting
  • Chair: M. Erick Reynolds, Trailblazer Investigations
  • Member: Brian Haden, Haden Claims
  • Member: Lauren Alexander, LA Investigations
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