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Elections As the heartbeat of TALI, your voice matters.  Whether you’re a longstanding member or a recent addition to our vibrant network, your engagement in our democratic process is pivotal. This digital space provides all you need to know about the upcoming elections. From candidate profiles to voting procedures, we provide transparent and accessible information…

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Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award     The TALI Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and contributions to the field of private investigations in Texas. Recipients of the TALI Lifetime Achievement Award are esteemed members of the investigative profession who have significantly impacted the industry through their exemplary work, innovative approaches, and…

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Investigator of the Year Award

Investigator of the Year Award Past recipients of the prestigious Investigator of the Year Award are: 2020 Ron Potts 2019 Randy Kildow, TBCI 2018 Peggy Walla 2017 Mark W. Stephens The Investigator of the Year Award was created in 2021 in recognition of the significant value in the efforts of Private Investigators in the field and…

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Hudgins-Sallee Award

Hudgins-Sallee Award Past recipients of the prestigious Hudgins-Sallee Award are: 2016 Wes Bearden, TBCI 2015 Ed Martin, TBCI, CFE 2014 John Feighery, TBCI 2013 Kelly Riddle, TBCI 2012 Randy Kildow, TBCI 2011 Macklyn Smith, TBCI 2010 James Bearden, TBCI 2009 Paul Hulsey, TBCI 2008 Brad Bacom, TBCI 2007 Rob Smith, TBCI 2006 Brack Warren 2005 George…

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