Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief:

The Board of Directors has established a GoFundMe account to assist our TALI Family with the devastating circumstances associated with Hurricane Harvey.  As the effects of Harvey have not yet been realized, TALI is anticipating numerous and substantial requests for assistance from its members, many still caught in the throes of this disaster. There is no minimum or maximum donation expected, we just ask to give as you feel led. Our thoughts and prayers are with association members and their families during this incredibly difficult time. Click here for the TALI Hurricane Harvey Relief GoFundMe donation page.  We need to know your status and your needs.  Please check in, reach out and let us know your situation.  You may email President Brad Smith at Brad@PaulMcCaghren.com or myself at CarlaHunt@TALI.org.

The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, Inc. ("TALI") is a Texas non-profit corporation and association for professional licensed investigators. Founded in 1971, TALI is steeped in history and continues to be the pace-setter for the private investigation industry. With more than 600 members world-wide TALI is dedicated to raising professionalism in the field of private investigations through continuing education, public awareness, advanced certification, networking and legislative involvement.

Our members are proud to cover the 254 counties and 261,797 square miles that make up the great State of Texas.

While many people often think of an association as a place to get continuing education and training, today’s TALI is much, much more. While our conventions and distance learning courses are steadily praised as setting the bar, TALI is establishing a new level of professional association.

Monitoring legislation that effects our industry, sponsoring the Texas Certified Investigator expert certification, reaching members through our local chapters, assisting our members be better prepared in all levels of business and providing an avenue for effective networking are just some of the many reasons why TALI is leading the way. We are committed to adding additional value to your membership as outlined in our updated membership benefits page.

If you are a member, welcome back and thank you for your support. If you are considering joining, we are excited about having you join the ranks of professional investigators that make up TALI.

We encourage anyone seeking a qualified and professional investigator to contact a TALI member. Membership in TALI is an added assurance that you are dealing with someone properly licensed and who understands the value of being a part of their state association.

The Hudgins-Sallee Award was first established by TALI on October 27, 1995. This is the most distinguished, honorable and noble award that can be presented to a Member of TALI by their peers. This award was established in remembrance of two outstanding deceased TALI members — Virginia Hudgins and David Sallee. Virginia and David passed away within one month of each other in 1995. They both devoted over 20 years of their lives to TALI and both were Honorary Lifetime Members for their years of dedication, service and devotion to TALI. They both served on the TALI Board of Directors and numerous committees.  TALI is what it is today because of the efforts, devotion and contributions made by members like Virginia and David. Therefore, the Hudgins-Sallee Award was established in their memory to exemplify the high moral and ethical standards by which a professional licensed private investigator adheres to in his/her services to the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.  Click here for a list of recipients.



Mission Statement:    

“The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators is an organization that promotes and encourages the highest standards of professionalism among licensed private investigators through information, education, training, legislative action, membership support and networking.”

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